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Hi, I’m Abbey. I have a dog, a husband, and an addiction to sci-fi.

I grew up in the backwoods of Acworth. My mom’s a landscape painter and regularly held art classes for all the neighborhood kids. My dad’s a handyman blacksmith (and master problem-solver) who works for himself. In the middle of that Venn diagram, you’ll find me: lover of traditional art balanced with a very analytical brain. I’m mildly ambidextrous, a hopeless night owl, and a recovering detail-aholic adjusting to minimalist design trends.

Most of my life is spent in front of a computer screen, but I love exploring new trails and flying to crazy landscapes. I draw most of my creative inspiration from changes of scenery, writing down my dreams, and listening to science podcasts.

If it sounds like I can help you bring a design, illustration, or weird craft project to reality, click the button below and introduce yourself!

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