Bath Bomb Packaging

For our first project in Advertising and Packaging, we were given a two-inch by two-inch box and told to pick a product (that was less than $1) and design  branding, packaging, and advertising for the product that would give it a higher value. I chose a single bath bomb and designed for a very holistic, health-conscious audience. I drew the yogi figure as the main logo and imagine the figure itself and color scheme of the box would change according to the scent and ingredients of the bath bomb. In this case, the scent was lavender, hence the purple scheme. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.18.41 AM.png

My secondary colors, beige and blue, were designed to represent calming waves and the fact that this product is used IN water. 

I hand-drew the logo and mandala, as well as the type for the words “calming lavender” on the box and “Stress / Drain” on the magazine ad. This brand needed to feel calm, personal, and soothing. Brush strokes and hand-drawn illustrations fit that direction as well as my audience and current design trends.