Brooklynn's Bag Design

Brooklynn’s is a boutique that started in Woodstock, Georgia and has now grown to 4 locations. The owner came to me wanting to re-design the bags they use for purchases in all four of their stores.

She previously had three sizes of papertwist bags that were labeled with stickers in-store by employees. For the re-designed bags, she wanted to replace the three sizes with just two: one large reusable tote and one smaller papertwist bag. I was in charge of not only getting these bags quoted from various vendors and comparing the pricing, but also create the artwork from scratch.

This was my first time managing designs that were going to be produced overseas, as well as my first time planning for quantities of over 100,000. We went through several rounds of artwork, in-office mockups, and press samples to make sure the colors and linework were working together beautifully. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.25.33 AM.png

When starting the project, my client also knew she wanted to switch to holiday-themed bags for the last two months of the year. Before ordering bags in the regular scheme, I tested out the same design in various holiday schemes to make sure we could reuse the exact same plates and only switch the spot colors use. Our strategy worked perfectly and saved my client the price of cutting new plates.