Explore the Rockies Booklet

“Explore the Rockies in Less Than 48 Hours” was a project for my Typography II class. The main objective was a lesson in setting type in a creative way that leads the viewer through sixteen pages with ease. I wrote all the copy and used my own photography from a similar trip I took in 2016. The branding is purposefully unisex and uses earth-tones paired with a saturated orange for vibrant contrast. Bright orange is also used as a safety color by the National Park Service and calls the viewers attention to important details.

Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.12.28 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-07 at 1.12.28 AM copy.png

Branded as part of series of similarly-designed trip planners called “Taking Back Your Weekend”, this book was packaged with other small souvenirs such as a bumper sticker, map of the area, and some coupons for local shops. This complete set would be marketed as a great gift item to amateur travelers who need a little help planning their next adventure.

Scattered through the book are a few illustrations I created digitally. The largest being a full spread that visually shows the “packing list” for your trip. (You can also check off items as they’re packed.) There are also a few other wildlife illustrations to help travelers know what to look out for and add a little organic, handwritten personality to the information.